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  • Dysphagia

Swallowing disorders are also known by the term 'Dysphagia' and can refer to an impairment in self feeding, chewing and or swallowing. 

At SpeechEase Therapy we are committed to providing evidence based practice. 

We are able to provide a free 15-minute telephone consultation to discuss your/your child’s needs and suggest appropriate next steps. 

If you proceed to book with SpeechEase, we will complete a swallowing assessment. This may involve watching you eat a meal or a sample of foods/fluids that we provide. 

Once assessment is completed, we will work with you to determine your priority goals and an appropriate therapy plan to achieve the goals. In relation to Dysphagia, this may involve referring you on for further testing.

We are always happy to suggest/refer into public health services if available as our therapists have knowledge of the public health care system.

Child In Speech Therapy
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