Sarah is a great speech therapist. As a family we were involved in the whole process from start to finish.
I never had to wonder what my son was working on with her because she always informed us and kept us in the loop.
My son enjoyed his time with Sarah so much that he was always excited for their sessions. It was because of Sarah's help in language skills that my son developed the confidence in expressing his ideas.
She is patient and friendly. I highly recommend her!


Sarah Castell, my son’s SLP, is relocating and we feel like a family member is moving away. She’s been working with my son for years and is definitely his favorite. He always looks forward to his sessions with her and will even get upset if a session is cancelled. When an exciting event occurs during the week, he’ll mention that he’s going to tell Sarah about it. He comes home and has to tell everyone what he learned with Sarah. This all shows how well she works with children and how loving and fun she makes the learning experience for them. She allows children to express themselves and feel welcome and loved while learning. She’s very professional with parents in terms of discussing difficulties or thoughts for different approaches. She keeps her appointments and will touch base with parents after each session so they’re kept up to date. My son has worked with several SLPs in the past. Although they were all great, Sarah has always been extra special.


My daughter has suffered from a swallowing disorder for 8 years. We had seen many Dr's and specialists over the years who were unable or unwilling to find a cause.
Sarah was very welcoming and listened to my daughter's symptoms and cocerns. She acknowledged that she could see there was a problem and wanted to help us try to find a solution. 
Sarah arranged for my daughter to have a different specialized test which lead the Dr to finding the problem.
I want to thank Sarah for believing in my daughter and following through to get her some help.
We are truly grateful.


**All testimonials are provided by patients that have been discharged from active therapy services and therefore clients were at no obligation to provide and no benefit was afforded to clients for providing.**

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