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  1. Do you offer free face-to-face consultation sessions?

No we do not but we can offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation with a Speech-Language Pathologist at SpeechEase.

  1. What approach will you take with my child?

This is impossible to answer without having met your child. Goals and appropriate therapy plans are made following assessment and discussion with you. 

  1. Do you accept payment Autism Funding?

Yes we do, we also accept At Home Program Funding and charitable grants such as CKNW and variety club. 

  1. Are you able to direct bill my insurance company?

Not at this time, it is in our development plan but currently we issue receipts and you submit to your insurance to be reimbursed.

  1. Do you run social skills groups?

Yes, we have various groups running throughout the year as well as more intense programs that we run in coordination with a BCBA team over school holidays. Watch the special notices section of our website for any upcoming groups.

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