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Professional Development, Learning + Education at SpeechEase

SpeechEase founder Sarah trained in the English National Health Services model and she brings its values and strengths into her clinical leadership in private practice. This model emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning for all healthcare providers to ensure clinical excellence & highest quality service delivery. Continual professional development is integral to our ethos at SpeechEase.

SpeechEase organize a diverse range of education and learning opportunities; there is monthly in-house staff training and regular cross-clinic and inter-professional talks and teaching. Our Speech-Language Pathologists are also in receipt of annual education funding to undertake specialised training and further their skills.

SpeechEase education facilitators Rachel and Ina ensure that all staff members receive protected time to create career plans, and engage in professional development. New graduates receive regular, structured mentoring to help them transition into clinical life.

Stacking Blocks

Behavioural Intervention Training

Navigating Challenging Behaviours to Ensure Success in Therapy with Board Certified Behavior Analyst Bianca Andreone

Sensory Processing Training

Sensory Processing with Occupational Therapist

Deb Lightman, B.Sc. Kin, M.Sc. OT.

Kid Jump

Voice Therapy Training

Voice Therapy Approaches with Speech-Language Pathologist, Dinusha Peiris, M.SC., RSLP, 

August In-House Staff Training:

Person-Centered Care

Our staff were educated via primary sources as to what the autism community wants from therapy.

Homework Help
Tablet Learning

September Cross-Site Training:

AAC Workshop

 Augmentative and Alternative Communication Workshop hosted by Chickadee Speech-Language Pathology Services

October Cross-Site Training:

EDSM Workshop

Early Start Denver Model Workshop hosted by Beehive Therapy Services

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Youth Counseling

October Expert Talk

Counselling Skills

Counselling Skills for Speech-Language Pathologists with Crystal Johnson, MSc, MCP, RSLP, RCC.

Upcoming Education Schedule


Pathological Demand Avoidance or Persistent Desire for Autonomy?


ADHD and the role of the SLP


Best practices for documentation in private practice


Gender Affirming Voice Therapy


Dietician Inservice


Reading and Writing Goals in SLP Therapy  + Cognitive Communication Goals

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