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SpeechEase is proud to offer Gender Affirming Voice Therapy!

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Playing with Animals


“To communicate is truly a gift. It is a wondrous ability of your amazing human body, the ability that allows us to connect with other humans to give meaning to our lives. I will argue that it is what makes us human.”

- Kathleen Depperschmidt, The Tip of Your Tongue: A Speech Therapist Tribute to the Power of Communication Lost and Found


Coquitlam Clinic

2045 & 2047 1163 Pinetree Way

Coquitlam BC V3B 8A9

Call: 604-492-2919

Burnaby Clinic

402-4378 Beresford Street

Burnaby BC V5H 0H6

Call: 604-336-9856

Port Alberni Clinic

Basement Suite 4590 Helen Street

Port Alberni BC V9Y 6P5

Call: 604-336-9856/604-492-2919

Fax: 604-475-5544

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